Do Baby Boomers Know How to Make a Resume?

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For a baby boomer, knowing how to make a resume means knowing how to keep up with the times.  All  too easily, a boomer’s old fashioned resume means they’ll be eliminated from the job search process without being invited to interview.

The first thing for boomers to realize is that technology is their friend. Being technologically astute is key to many of today’s jobs.  Baby boomers are well advised to screen job postings in their industry and note the technologies that are required. After doing what they need to do to learn to use these technologies, incorporate those skills in their resume.  Knowing how to make a resume means knowing how to show the recruiter that you’re worthy of considering.

Baby boomers need also realize that many recruiters or HR personnel scan resumes quickly looking for certain terms that may or may not show up. Resumes without these terms are discarded within seconds. Therefore, its good advice to scan industry job postings closely, watching for terms that might be scannable. This particularly applies to the job for which you plan to apply. Be sure you incorporate those scannable terms in your resume.

 And, please discard the notion that you need only one resume and it will work for every job you apply for.  Please understand that knowing how to make a resume means knowing that you make a template on your word processor and modify it to accommodate every job application you submit.

Also forget the advise to limit your resume to one page. You don’t want to write a book, but you need to write enough to show your skills and abilities properly.  Understand that there is no longer any one, correct way to write your curriculum vitae. In some versions of your resume, you will focus on your skills and abilities, with a smaller section for your job history. In some variations, your work history will play a more prominent role, especially if you are showing that you have consistently moved up the ladder to positions of increasing responsibility.  In other situations, you may want to abbreviate your job history to display only the jobs that apply to the current applicaton, or to show only ten years of jobs, perhaps.

Remember that the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Once you are facing the recruiter in person, you have an opportunity to sell them on your abilities and skills. If you never get to that point because your resume outdated you, then both you and the potential employer are the loser.

 If you don’t know how to make a resume the right way, your competition will. Be modern. Be prepared.  I suggest you study a package like the one at the link above.


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